Cafe Cinque (Closed)


Quick Facts

coffee (taste + style): 12/20
cafe (attitude + service): 12/20
rating: 24/40 (good)
coffee bean: unknown (should properly have asked)

Like any fake sunday afternoon (long weekend monday), Nerd 2 and myself hoped on down to King street to have a bit of an explore. We settled in at Cinque (in the Dendy complex) for a very late breakfast around lunch time. Cinque, is one of Newtown’s stable cafes, having been here for what seems forever it is still looking good, not run down but perhaps a little out of fashion?

The cafe is very open to the street and a great place to watch the comings and goings of Newtown’s top street. It smells of popcorn, which is not bad and has people who come here for a chat, before and after a movie. Cinque typically has quite mixed reviews, see the link on the name, however I don’t typically find fault in it.
There are literately heaps of staff here today, who are observant and busy, given the heaving pace of the cafe. We sit down and order coffee and food. I get a flat white and omelet and nerd 2, a lemongrass tea and some sort of corn fritta stack with smoked salmon. The atmosphere is a mix between clean cut hipsters, couples, young families and the occasional dog. The best of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers was playing, which is in keeping with the crowd and the pace of the

place. It’s nothing risky, but kind of fun.
Food and coffee comes quickly and looks good.
The flat white which I got was exact to its name, a drink which had little foam and reasonably milky. It had a pleasant taste, although I would argue a little bit over cooked (milk was hotter then I would have made it).
There was not a strong coffee taste, so perhaps the drink was a little under extracted? On the positives the foam was still reasonably creamy and remained so for a few minutes.

Food, which this blog is not really about, was good and tasty, although varies in quality between eats. Other factors which people may care about is that there is free wifi (not the cafe’s) and a pirate-box file share is openly available (again not the cafe’s).
As I was here for writing up a uni paper, I sat down looking at total dickhead with my mac air and started writing. Nerd 2 quickly got bored with her attempt at study and went for a walk and I ordered a second coffee. This time a long black. Again it came very quickly.
The long black had a thin and patchy crema, however if you make an attempt to make a whole in it with a spoon it quickly closes, which is a great sign. There were some bubbles in the coffee’s crema, which shows the shot was thrown into the coffee, but it did not make a huge difference to the quality. The coffee had a slight level of acidity to it and you tasted it on the sides of your tongue closer to the front of your mouth, it seemed to have a cinnamon thing going for it (maybe in smell?) which was fun, there was no strong after taste.

Over all, I’ll go back for the food and the atmosphere but mainly because its close, if I lived outside 2042, I would not make an effort to get here, unless I was going to a movie. Nerd 2 thinks I would because I love the omelette.

How I rate it?

1. Coffee score
Style (look + consistency): 6/10
Experience (taste): 6/10
Coffee total: 12/20

2. Cafe score
Style (what’s it feel like): smart casual movie pit spot
Cool?: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Cafe: 12/20

Whole experience (coffee + cafe): 24/40

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