Vella Nero

quick run down

coffee: 17/20
total: 31/40 (great)
bean: their own “Designer Blend – Espresso”

Living the hard uni student life, Wednesday this week is my ‘day at work’ day. Chris, my mate from undergrad was around, mid morning, so we went for a well deserved walk to a favourite coffee bar of his Vella Nero, located on Clarence Street, just behind the QVB. Vella, I’m told is immensely popular with local city workers in the mornings (so much so that they set up a coffee cart outside their shop), and you can see why when you get a coffee.

When we arrived there was no line, so we quickly went up to the counter and ordered two flat whites. Chris, got ahead of me here, while I was distracted by some of the interesting as coffee bean processing machinery, he bought me the coffee (which was amazing of him) and reported that service was pleasant and to the point. We went up a flight of stairs, at the back, to a bright, but little dull upper platform/room, which sat over the bar space, there were a few people sitting up here on their smart phones and ipads looking a little guilty, but relieved, about escaping work.

The coffee came up to us quickly, and I was excited to see a piece of chocolate fudge with it. Not really sure why, but it was well appreciated! The coffee was perfectly presented, it came in a clean white cup and had a wonderful bit of art on top, effort had gone into this drink.
The flat white was portioned perfectly, with just enough foam so as not to be a latte, but enough so I could pick it up with the tea spoon. The coffee was hot, while not at all burnt, and could sit for a while without getting to cool.
The flavour itself is tasted nearer to the back of your mouth, which was nice, and the drink was full bodied, perhaps had a coco taste to it, and the flavour definitely cut though the creaminess of the milk. I am not too sure if the fudge complimented the coffee, but it certainly did not take away from the over all taste!

I think the biggest let down of the experience, was the style of the cafe itself, which was a little too serious for both Chris and myself. It’s not a place which is going to win over a person looking to relax fora while, but suits the pace of an inner city coffee break or lunch stop really well. It’s just a personal thing, sure its some peoples style to a T.
What I do find exciting is that they roast their beans on site (I think they may even hold classes in the evenings), which really explains why the coffee is so well done. I really want to come back here for a long black or espresso to really experience the full flavours of, from what I can assume, an amazing roast.
Chris and myself gave the drink and cafe similar scores, which is great.

coffee: 9/10
style: 8/10
total coffee: 17/20
service: 8/10
attitude: industrial business quick escape
do i like it?: 6/10
total experience: 14/20

total: 31/40 (great)

like: amazing coffee, both taste and presentation
dislike: cafe is little too industrial and empty in the sitting spaces
I’ll be back for trying the long black and espresso, I’m excited by trying the coffee without milk.

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