Cafe Giulia

the rundown

coffee: 14/20 (good),
total: 27/40 (good)
bean: The Coffee Roaster

This morning, after a 6am gym thing, I meet up with my mother for a Thursday morning inner-city breakfast before I start school (uni). We often go to different places when we meet up, and decided to break the King street thing and head off to Abercrombie street in Chippendale instead, we ended up at Cafe Giulia, a place well loved by locals and not-for-profit workers (Amnesty International is located across the road) alike.

Cafe Giulia does not look too substantial from the outside, in fact, it is rather easy to miss it as it lacks a large sign or advertising, keep an eye out for the multi coloured bench instead.
Inside, the place definitely has that busy inner city feel, its a long thin building with a large open kitchen, counter thing happening. There are no menus here, that I could tell, and everything is up on a huge blackboard sitting behind the counter. There are plenty of posters on the wall, and low stainless steel tables for you to attempt to relax/ look cool against, although it’s not really a place which encourages relaxing, more a place which prefers you to stay, eat and then move on.
Mother nerd (mum) and myself, quickly sit down inside (there is a outside thing as well, but it seemed a little cool), and scoped out the huge menu. I went for a long black and breakfast fry up (mother nerd is paying for it) of poached eggs, tomato, bacon. There are plenty of other more heroic combos.

The staff were efficient, if a little robotic and seemed to know how to deal with the mix of take always vs. breakfast peoples, although you’re not going to feel a one-on-one connection with anyone. Once we ordered, the food and coffee came quickly, and the staff lingered for just a second to make sure everything was ok with coffee and food, which was a nice. I might note here that if we had just walked in for a take away, the line was huge and a huge wait would have occurred, however as we had a table, we could wait it out.

The long black, which I received, was different to any, I have had so far in my blog. The crema was very dark, little dirty, and thick, enough so that you could pick it up with your teaspoon. While this is not everyone’s preferred look or experience, I liked it. The coffee was a little on the bitter side, but became ridiculously easy to drink with the huge and tasty breakfast. In general I think many may enjoy it more as a bean to be had with milk, where I think you would find the coffee taste would easily dominant the cream taste, a macchiato may be the good middle point. As I was eating, it was difficult to judge on things such as the after taste or the exact place I tasted the coffee, but nothing bad to report either. I did feel it was a little acidic. Over all it’s a long black, for long black lovers.
Over all I really enjoyed the experience, coffee, food and company (hi mum). It seems like a great place to sit, drink and eat away a morning after pain, or have a fun, fast lunch or coffee break on your way back to saving the world at Amnesty.
Extras: I did notice that the cafe had locked wifi, not sure if you could get it if you asked.
how i rate it:

coffee: 7/10,

style: 7/10
total coffee score: 14/20
service: 6/10
attitude: hipster industrial
do i like it?: 7/10
total experience score: 13/20
total: 27/40 (good)
likes: crema on the long black
dislikes: the cafe was a little too clinical with less of a come-and-stay-a-while type atmosphere and more of a we-hope-you-like-it-but-now-its-time-to-move-long type atmosphere

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