The Shortlist

the rundown:

16/20 (great),
total: 31/40 (great)

bean: i forgot to ask!

Decided today, due to the success of the last Abercrombie stop, to check out The Shortlist, undeniably the newest and coolest cafe in the small shopping strip, between Redfern station and the University of Sydney southern boardwalk entrance.

Clearly designed for the oh-so-hipster inner city resident and student alike, the cafe is a mixture of random furniture, blackboards, mirrors, pot-plants and bikes. I sat down out the front, to get the perfect, watch-the-world go by spot to do some procrastination/ assignment writing, at a small table with a plant on it. the table and chair were low to the ground, but it’s all part of the feel. Out the back, on a exploratory walk, I found a sunny and quiet courtyard, which had a few people sitting about it, discussing all their last class or catching up on some tutorial readings. Food-wise, while I did not get anything, they seemed to have a simple, but sharp combo of the cafe usuals.

So onto the coffee! I ordered a flat white at the counter (no idea if there is table service), and found once I had sat down that the coffee comes out quickly, with a smile from the laid back barista, who seemed adapt at multi-tasking, looking calm, chatting to regulars, all while doing the customer service/ coffee making thing.
The coffee itself was presented really well, with a great bit of art to the milk and good colour to the foam/coffee mix. The coffee also looked great in the black china cups, which gave it an interesting edge. Really one of the best looking drinks I’ve had to date.
Taste wise, it was really easy to drink, with a nice roasted coffee aroma when you brought it close to your nose. To taste it, is exciting as it is full of flavour and likewise, in a nice way, there was no strong lingering milk after taste, but rather more of a sharp short coffee one. Heat wise it sat well, the consistency and taste of the milk showed it was not burnt at all, although quite warm to the touch. Proportionally the flat white divided itself well with, in my opinion, a good level of milk-coffee-foam for a flat white. One of the best thing about the drink was I found it was quite drinkable well after it had been made, a great sign for anyone looking to get it take away for a class or a walk down the road and a bit to

I really am feeling spoilt right now, as the last few places I have visited have been great, really hope this keeps up!
how i rate it:

coffee: 7/10,
style: 9/10
total coffee score: 16/20 (great)

service: 7/10
attitude: hipster meets grandma’s place
do i like it?: 8/10
total experience score: 15/20
total: 31/40 (great)

Like: coffee presentation and style of the cafe
dislike: feel a little judged by the oh-so-cool kids

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