Cafe C

the rundown:

11/20 (average),
total: 24/40 (good)

bean: Chevaler speciality Arabica

Waking up early this Saturday, I hopped on down to Cafe C, for an early morning coffee to get a good start on my continuing assignment nightmare. Cafe C is just one of those Newtown institutions which keeps on going, I think it was the first cafe I ever went to in Newtown years ago, and I know it has gone though lots of staff and had its own personal tragedies along the way. The nice thing is it just keeps going, and continues to be a favourite across all types, from couples, to solos (me today!), to large groups, school kids and so on.

Cafe C has one of the best locations a coffee shop in Newtown can have, its located on the corner of King Street and what I assume is the end of Erskineville Road, right near the Dendy. Cafe C, makes good use of its corner location, and is very open to the street environment with a large window, which is typically open to the side street and an open front to King. The cafe has a huge selection of ridiculously large cakes at its counter, a extensive cafe food list and the opportunity to get a bottle of wine with your meal.

I did my usual thing, and ordered a flat white, its table service here, and sitting inside I was quickly approached. The flat white came quickly and looked pleasant. There was no effort to do any sort of art to the drink, however the cup was china and clean.
I was worried that I was going to have a very average drink because of its look, however, the coffee was portioned well, for a flat white, and was easy to drink. In the coffee, the milk had quite a strong taste, however I could make out a little coco, nutty taste to it. I was told that I should be tasting spices, beyond that of coco, but I really couldn’t. As the coffee sat for a while, the nutty taste became stronger, which was not unpleasant, but I could not help but feel given the light colour of the coffee the drink was a little under extracted, which would account for the dominant milk flavour. On the plus side, all coffee here is organic and fair trade, which makes you feel good about getting a second coffee.

All up the cafe is very pleasant and it’s easy to sit here for a long time and do your own thing without being disturbed. I don’t really get what this cafe was trying to do or be, but it was nice none-the-less. While Cafe C is not the greatest coffee I have had, it’s a cafe I know I’ll come back too. I think this is due, in part, to its location, the wide dining options from snack to breakfast-lunch and dinner, and for its opening hours, you can come here at night and get a coffee, although this is an experience beyond this review, as I came here at 930am.

how i rate it:

coffee: 6/10,
style: 5/10
total coffee score: 11/20 (average)

service: 7/10
attitude: local coffee hang out, night or day.
do i like it?: 6/10
total experience score: 13/20
total: 24/40 (good)
liked: location and ability to just sit here and watch king street
dislike: coffee, which could be good given its bean source was a letdown.

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