Cafe Newtown

Short and sweet:
coffee: 10/20 (average)

cafe 25/40 (good)

As my assignment hell continued, I bunkered down this morning and took a walk down the road to Café Newtown, the prominent café sitting on at the fork of King Street and Enmore Roads.
Café Newtown has been around for ages, and more recently, the cafe has updated its image to be both a café and a mezze bar (not sure it completely is) at night with jazz, beer and the like.
From the second I sat down, inside, I was approached by two friendly staff members who asked me what I was looking for. Its definitely a breakfast stop on a Sunday morning, but they did not seem to mind I was here on a coffee thing.

As a request from perhaps my only critical reader, I changed up my drink up and got a latte instead of a flat white. The drink came quite quickly and was served as one of many table drink orders.
The café itself was large, bright at airy, I liked the old windows and heavy wood about the place, they have reasonably kept the original, and strange buildings specs intact. Furniture, while nothing exciting was in keeping with the style of the building, although there were some unusual red low chairs happening at one of the tables.
People who come here are a real mix, which is some of the enjoyment of the experience. I was sitting beside a Greek orthodox priest on one side and 60’s reject hippy on the other.
The latte itself, as you can see from the picture, was perhaps a little heavy on the milk side, I really expected a greater quantity of foam with it, but then again I don’t drink lattes that often these days so don’t know what’s in. There was not much effort, I am willing to say none, in the art on top, however, on the plus side, it had a nice colour to the milk and foam.

The aroma and taste of the coffee was smoky, with not-so-unpleasant depth to the flavours. The smoky taste did penetrate the milk quite effectively and you were not left with any unpleasant after taste. The coffee was left sitting over some time, and turned out to be quite disappointing, developing a very milky taste.
As my second hour came on, I ordered a long black which was quite dark, with a dirty and thin crema. Initially, the drink did fail the basic coffee spoon through the crema test, however the aroma was highly pleasant the coffee revealed a nice fruity, smoky taste, especially when slurped, I’m sure much to the joy of the priest beside me. Over all, it had little after taste. Given my average latte, and the very thin crema, I was pleasantly surprised!
On my way out, paying the bill at the counter, I found the staff again to be very chatty and friendly which is something that does not often happen.
This café is truly for people watching and relaxing the day away. While in quite a hectic area, between two busy roads, I found it easy to be here and drink my coffee and type and read. I should note that there was free wifi, although not sure if it is this cafes!

how i rate it:

coffee: 6/10 (long black better then latte)
style: 4/10
total coffee score: 10/20 (average)

service: 8/10
attitude: local coffee hang out, night or day.
do i like it?: 7/10
total experience score: 15/20

total: 25/40 (good),

Liked: nice outside area, ability to spend a long time here doing your own thing, friendly staff.
Disliked: lack of care in coffee making, it’s really busy at times and one barista is just not enough.

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