Oven Cafe

How’d it go?
Coffee: 9/20 (poor)
Café: 19/40 (poor)

Bean: Paul Bassett Espresso

Heading off for an interview at St Leonards this afternoon, I looked to arrive early to scope out a coffee scene before I take a walk down the road to have a chat to some employers. Walking towards Crows Nest from St Leonards Station, I spyed Oven Espresso, a modern looking coffee joint; with a large crowd of late lunch diners.

Oven, is quite open to the outside and on a warm day, such as today, lived up to its name being quite hot to sit in. The diners were mostly suits, which is not very surprising considering it’s a commercial area, although there were some randoms, who were just sitting and having a read of a book or the paper.
The café, had an industrial thing going for it, it even seemed to have an LCD hooked up to a camera so you could watch the shots fall, however it was turned off or not working when I was here, it’s a cool idea none-the-less.

Coffee, came out quickly, with brisk non-personal business thing. So much so that was put beside me without me even knowing it was there! Super efficient and nice not to disturb me, but they could have asked if I needed a glass of water or just linger to make sure I am right.

The coffee itself was quite hot, but not burnt. It had a pleasant smoky aroma which tended to linger. It tasted much like it smelled and it did pierce the milk well, but not to a fantastic effect. A sour after taste tended to linger with this drink, and as it sat.
This sour after taste, as it sat longer, tended to became more the dominant flavour. As I neared the bottom of the cup, I found the taste of grounds more pounced.

Plusses were that it was proportioned well and reflected the right milk to foam to espresso ratio well. While not an unpleasant coffee not fantastic either, totally average (or in fact poor, according to my scoring!).

Coffee: 4/10
Presentation: 5/10
Total: 9/20 (poor)

Service: 4/10
Style: business industrial chic
Cool?: 6/10
Café: 10/20

Over all: 19/40 (poor)

Liked: reasonable place to chill in St Leonards
Disliked: below average coffee

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