Gloria Jeans Chatswood Mall

Quick run down:

Coffee: 7/20
Café: 18/40
Bean: Gloria Jeans Espresso Blend

Post job interview, I headed up to Chatswood, to have a chat to my mate Jesse, about our up and coming trip to NZ, post exams. I have a big night planned of group work, so looked for a pick me up. I spotted Gloria Jeans, (which is really an Australian Starbucks), on the main shopping mall and thought I would give it a try.The store was empty and I was served quickly. I ordered a macchiato, as; first I did not want much milk; and second, I wanted to be fair to the bean and the store as an espresso with a little quantity of milk is amazing at bring out the best and also I’m a snob, and so would shun a place like this at all costs, so went with something I love.

Like a punch in the face, the macchiato from Gloria Jeans, is everything one looks for initially in an energy drink, but not perhaps in a coffee. This completely surprised me as, to be frank, this coffee was about a far away from a macchiato as a small espresso shot coffee can be quantity/proportion milk wise. With this much milk it should not have tasted so bitter or strong. Just take a look at the photo!

I think the reasoning for the large quantity of milk was that the barista was just being generous to me, filling the cup up to the top with milk, plus and it’s, I am guessing, not a commonly ordered drink so she was just guessing. However, this is not the drink I ordered!
The presentation was totally lame. Gloria Jeans, it seems, does not have sit in china cups. I’m completely surprised by this, as there is a huge sit in section. What a waste! This is the first café where I have to enact my rule that I will judge a take away coffee as a sit in.
The customers in a this Gloria Jeans are a bit of a mixed bag, the hour was around school ending, so, as I sat there, I saw mums with their children and older school kids just chill here. Frappes seemed more the drink of choice then coffee.
The taste of the coffee, as I expressed above, was a little unexpected. There is no doubt that in a small drink you should be able to taste the coffee over the milk in a flat white or what not.The aroma of the coffee is very smoky which is not too bad at all. However, a little unpleasant I would guess for a non-espresso drinker.

When drinking it, I found the drink very heavy in its flavour, so I assume the bean has been slightly over extracted. When slurping on it I found hints of berries which was surprisingly nice. The aftertaste is like your initial taste, a bit of a kick in the mouth. To be frank I can see what the chain is trying to do taste wise, but without a good barista behind the machine, and I am sure it’s a great piece of equipment, the drink just fails as a pleasant experience.

Surprisingly over time, the coffee became far more consumable and was not that unpleasant. My mate suggested it had just killed my taste buds.


1. Coffee score

Style (presentation): 3/10
Experience (taste): 3/10
Coffee total: 6/20

2. Cafe score
Style (what’s it feel like): Aussie Starbucks
Cool?: 4/10
Service: 4/10
Cafe: 8/20

Whole experience (coffee + cafe): 14/40

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