Luxe Bakery Cafe

quick one
coffee: 14/20
cafe: 32/40

bean: Single Origin
Sunday morning: As the heavens open up and I look for a quick place to study for an cross cultural exam tomorrow, my plan is to be a nerd and hit up the library this afternoon, but it’s a few hours till anything opens (I think anyway). So I run along to Luxe bakery on Missenden Road. It takes a brave coffee shop to open up to the mecca of Sydney coffee Campos, but I reckon Luxe has cracked it. While they where never going to be known as the coffee king of the block. Luxe instead gets the customer in with amazing loaves of bread, amazingly tasty cookies and fantastic sandwiches (who doesn’t like a wagyu beef sandwich with a pickle!). I know it’s not a food blog, but it’s all just so tasty.
As I walk in my hopes are not high as it’s hard to get a seat in this place at times. However relief washes over me as I spy a seat on one of the communal benches in the corner. As soon as I sit down, a very happy girl comes over and asks what I want. I order a small flat white, she is crazy chirpy and asks me how my day has been what I’m up to and what not.The coffee comes out quickly, and its presented reasonably well. The design on top is nothing special, but you can see effort has gone into my drink.

At this state I take a change to scope the place out. Luxe is a fanatic space, big communal tables, open ceiling, very bright and has wonderful bread smells wafting though it. It’s the kind of café that attracts everyone, young and old. There are kids looking into sacks of flour, couples looking very hung over, uni students sharing meals (they are a little pricey here) serious north shore types (coming here to get some of the cookies which SMH rated as the best in Sydney), and an elderly couple letting the morning spin around them. It’s a very chilled out environment.
Anyway back to the coffee. First thing you will notice about a coffee here is that rich roasted, smoky coffee bean aroma, it’s kinda fantastic. Single Origin beans (brand) do really good things. On drinking it I am a little disappointed, as it has all the right smells, but is lacking in over all flavour, the milk just overwhelms the bean, which is so sad, because it’s a very interesting almost delicate chocolate mixed with hazelnut kind of flavor. A long black here may be a better call.
Leaving my coffee for a while, I find the bean infuses more with the milk and I am left with a ridiculously tasty more hazelnut kind of drink. However it’s somewhat cold so, just not as appealing for the typical coffee lover.
So I really should mention the service here, as I gave it a 10 out of 10. Wow, Luxe have an amazing team, the serving fokes I found to be very friendly, chatting with you if you wish. I found them to be very attentive, checking on me between my coffee and sandwich to see if I wanted food or a coffee (not invasive at all). Polite, they seemed to respect people around them and involved, as I was leaving they asked me if I was studying for exams (which I was) and hoped that I do well. Wow.

Coffee: 7/10
Presentation: 7/10
Total coffee: 14/20

Style: industrial bakery barn
Service: 10/10
Total café: 18/20
total: 32/40

Likes: service! Amazing simple food, great potential in the coffee
Dislikes: underwhelming flat white, no wifi

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