Taste Baguette (World Square)

Coffee: 13/20
Café: 24/40
bean: Toby’s Estate

Friday: My mate Chris came over to work, for the usual Friday coffee chat. As I was time short today, we headed somewhere close. And decided that the food strip under World Square would be the go. As we walked up, we spotted a Taste Baguette (Same chain as I reviewed earlier at USYD) and thought it would be nice to see how it operates.
Firstly some similarities and differences between this Taste Baguettes. Both World Square and USYD ones, have a style to them, they have strange lights and what not, likewise they also have the same or very simular menu. However, one strange thing to see is that this Taste uses a different bean. This is kinda strange, as they really do lose some of the power in purchasing in bulk. This one uses Toby’s Estate, whereas USYD uses Campos.

The café, is nothing glamorous, with just a little eat in section one of many along a pedestrian road. As you walk in you go right up the counter and order there. There does not seem to be any table service. I order two flat whites to sit in.

The coffee comes out quickly, as you would hope, as we are the only two in the coffee shop, and is presented reasonably well. One nice touch is that the waitress made an effort to place the tea spoon behind the cup orientating it correctly towards both Chris and myself. nice!

The art done with the milk was nice, although nothing fantastic, but effort had been made. When we got the two coffees side by side, it was noticeable that they were made at different times, maybe they had not heated up enough milk and had to do it twice. Chris had a far more silky looking drink then I did, he in the end scored his drink better.

Taste wise, they were a little on the milky side, the bean seemed almost hidden within this drink, which actually surprised me, as Toby’s in their actual café has a very strong piercing taste to it, which while I have not reviewed it yet, is great. I’m assuming that the coffee was a little on the under extracted side. Side note here, the coffee shop is very exposed to the elements and the humidity has gone up and down a few times today, managing the grind would have been harder then normal, although it’s not really the best excuse.

Over all, I struggled to pick out any really distinctive tastes, however the aroma of the drink was really pleasant with that smoky Toby’s bean smell. I liked the fact that there was a nice cafe to sit at, however, there are other options, doing the same thing near by. This arm of the chain, just does not have the same style or flair as their USYD brother. Coffee was above average for sure, but nothing about it will draw me back, given the plethora of coffee places around.

Coffee –
Taste: 6/10
Style: 7/10
Total: 13/20

Café –
Feel: inner-city lunch stop
Like it: 5/10
Service : 6/10
overall: 24/40

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