Sydney coffee blog: update on the reviews so far

So it has been a little over one month of me writing this blog on coffee and cafes in Sydney and I thought I would provide a strange fact update on my reviews so far. Going beyond just the scores I have given to the cafes and the coffee, lets take a look at some other stats which are appearing:

  • Most of my attention has been focused on the inner west, in particular with a focus on Newtown.
  • No cafe has made it into my amazing ranking of 36+
  • Most tables in Sydney cafes I have reviewed are made of dark heavy wood.
  • Coffee cups are typically white, unless provided by the supplier of the bean, then typically black or brown.
  • Cafe staff most like me, will serve me well.
  • Coffee quality tends to clump – you will find a whole lot of similar cafe and coffee scores in a small geographic region.
  • I tend to review cafes and coffee better if I drink a long black. However, in breaking this trend Clipper Cafe lost points for a worse long back.
  • I have drunk more Toby’s Estate and Campos coffee beans then any other coffee bean but as of today have not been to either’s cafe
  • Two of my worst scores where done on the some day. However, it was a good day for me, and they were both located on the lower north shore (clumping effect?).
See any other strange coffee or cafe facts in my blogs or in your own experience? let me know, tweet at me.

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