Chill Café

blog run down:
coffee: 14/20
café: 28/40
bean schibello caffe

Sunday: Following King Street as winds it way towards St Peters for many is a bit of an adventure or at least a few steps of their typical path. Well beyond the highly gentrified university centre. King Street has a few possible gems, which are worth exploring for a coffee lover or explorer (if you want to sound far more masculine).

My first stop down the west end of King is Chill Café, on the corner of Camden Street and King. This café, is a little all over the place, with random chairs, painted wooden floor boards, big windows opening up to the street and using it’s great location and writing all over the walls. It’s a great people watching spot.

I grabbed a seat by the window and scoped out the place. The customer here are far more local then many places closer to the station, with a real mix of Inner West types. Families with young kids, old men playing dominos and young twenty-something’s looking like they need a pick-me-up from a hard and long night before.

While I love the look of this run down café (many may not), what the café lacks in smooth looks, it makes up for in its coffee. I order a flat white from a friendly girl, who seems to be multitasking like crazy who still has time to smile and ask why I am awake at 10am.

While a little slow to come out the coffee which appears is great.

Simplistically styled you can see that effort goes into the drinks being produced here with simple, yet effort educed art atop each milk based coffee.

The flat white when I investigated it was proportioned as well as Toby’s Estate coffee yesterday, with great foam- milk ratio to it. Taste wise it had an interesting berry, spicy taste to it (maybe cinnamon? Although honestly I’m not totally sure I recall the taste of cinnamon!). The coffee here over all is rich in flavour and a little bold, there is definitely something kinda pleasant and fun about this bean.

Having sat here a while, trying to study, I also get a long black, which like the flat white had that nice acidic taste to it nor did it have much of an dominant after taste. It’s a coffee that sits well at the back of your mouth. Moreover, the crema on long black was a really pleasant colour.

This café is a bit of a gem, while not the world’s best coffee, its charm is highly evident (as are the size of some of the meals I see go past!). I reckon one to check out if you’re down this way.

Coffee: 7/10
Style: 7/10
Total: 14/20

Café style: urban chic/ inner west cool
Like it?: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Total: 28/40

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