Le Pain Quotidien (Westfield CBD)

the scores:
Coffee: 14/20
Total cafe score: 27/40

Tuesday: After a long day doing some economic modelling of sorts, I decided to pop into the city to catch up with nerd 2, whom I’ve not seen a lot of since my return from NZ. To wait out the hour I went by Le Pain Quotidien, in the city Westfield. While the café is not new to Sydney, it is somewhat original to the overall landscape.

It’s a crowed Tuesday afternoon in the lead up to Christmas so the Westfield is somewhat pulsating with people. I sit down knowing there could be a wait on my hands.
Surprisingly a girl quickly appears and asks me, what’s happening and how have I escaped work so early. This is somewhat is contrast to a previous experience where I was rudely approached and asked why I was here (very confusing experience!). But I’m only judging on this round.

I took a seat along the long shared bench in the middle of the corridor café and it’s nice place to scope out of the crowd. It’s a mix of inner city types here, but not many suits, more those shopping for the afternoon, tourists and retail employees looking for a breather. One of the true pleasures of this café, the light French wood tables and random provincial French stain glass widows aside, is the view of Pitt Street below it’s a strange but fun mix of France in the sky, bit of a people watching spot.

The coffee takes a while to come out, although (as mentioned) it was a little busy, however when it came I was not disappointed. I’ve been to this café a few times and it’s fellow chain store in Mumbai, India and know what to expect. The coffee here always brings me pleasure, as it is presented in giant (hand size) bowls.

The long black was rich in its texture and had a very sweet berry and coca mix to its aroma. Upon sipping it you find this coffee sits on the tip of your tongue and the rich coca berry mix taste rides throughout your mouth. This coffee is so sweet, to me, that I am not sure I could handle it with sugar. The crema was nicely spread, considering the width of the cup, and the coffee maintained a nice level of acidity, which remained well after you put down the cup. I would not hesitate to say this is a good long black to start with if you’re a typical latte or flat white drinker.

Over all I really like this café, while service can be all over the place between trips, judging from this experience alone I enjoyed it. The coffee, while not being anything amazing, had a nice sweet and pleasant taste to it. The café is a great pitt stop (get it pitt as in the street) in a big shopping day in the city, or a nice place to stop after work (open after 5pm, rare in a coffee shop in the city). While it’s not the best coffee within 500m, but it’s the best sit down café I have been to, so far, in this area. Not to mention the breadstuff looks kinda amazing.

Coffee: 7/10
Style: 7/10
Coffee total: 14/20

Café style: French barn in the sky
Cool?: 7/10
Service: 6/10
coffee + cafe total scores: 27/40

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2 thoughts on “Le Pain Quotidien (Westfield CBD)

  1. rating is out of 20 for the coffee and 40 over all. I divided it up this way so if you care just about the coffee you can see which is best and if you care about the whole experience you can see that too.


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