Bar Bene Cafe

Coffee: 10/20
Whole experience (cafe + coffee): 21/40
Bean: Campos Espresso

Wednesday: Accountants and consultants galore. I could be in no other place than Deloitte central in Sydney, or to be more precise Grosvenor Place, a Seidler design masterpiece from the 1960s found close to the Quay.

The café here can be a little intimidating as you first line up as everyone around you throwing about acronyms, like IPO, CEO, CFO and so on. I go up to the counter and order a flat white, it is easy to notice the lack of customer-staff banter here.

The coffee comes out with accountant like efficiency. Which is great, if I was in a hurry. In fact because I do tend to get distracted by great architecture it was so fast that the coffee made it to a table before I did!

Given this speed of production, which was very impressive, the outcome, should was not very surprising for a coffee regular (doesn’t make sense). My drink, from initial impressions, looked very plain and very blah. It was clear no extra effort goes into sit in here compared to take away. While this may not matter for those on the go, as I requested sit in, I’m happy to wait for something better. Another tiny gripe is that the cup it comes in looks like my Grandma’s picnic set, really old, really unfashionable cups, for perhaps the coolest building space in Sydney.

Checking out the coffee, beyond the look, it came with a thin, but acceptable layer of foam (I would have liked more) and a good heat. Smelling it the coffee had a pleasant and sweet aroma, and had a nice punchiness to it.

Drinking it however I was surprised, while the aroma is there the coffee is lacking – it’s not a very bold drink, milk here is king. However it does sit well in the mouth, and upon some serious slurping, I think I can taste a hint of chocolate like favours along with some fantastic balancing spices. Which left me wondering, what happened! (my guess is under extracted coffee, due to an unchanged grind as the humidity changed) It was at this point which I enquired about the bean and found out its Campos Espresso blend, which explains why there was something fantastic to this drink.

Overall, it’s a fast quick place, in a wonderful building with staff who I’m sure are friendly if you go here enough. However, as I watch more and more drinks come out, between rushes, I don’t see the style of the drink getting any better. Given the quality of the bean (shit I am a fan of Campos) I can’t help but think what if…

1. Coffee score
Style: 5/10
Experience: 5/10
Coffee total: 10/20

2. Cafe score

Style: space-age meets IPO
Cool?: 7/10
Service: 4/10
Cafe: 11/20

Whole experience (coffee + cafe): 21/40

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