Jet Bar Caffe

Coffee: 10/20
Whole experience (cafe + coffee): 20/40
Bean: Coffex Coffee

Thursday: Crowed with tourists, families and those looking for longer then planned stop by the QVB/ Town Hall sits Jet café, long loved and hated by Sydneysiders alike. Now, just a side note on my review this is my second attempt to review the café, as the first I became terribly distracted by my mate Lachlan (Long Black picture visit one, flat white visit two).

Entering inside this time (I was outside last time) I enter a huge renovated room of chaos and noise. Children run rampart around groups of business peoples trying to look serious between the Christmas and New Year break. I luckily see a table free by the door and make a bee line to secure it.

Service is understandably distracted this afternoon, but there were just enough staff on hand to capture’s ones eye and ordered a flat white. The coffee was produced in a reasonably fast manor and delivered to my table in a ‘on the ball’ but impersonal kinda way.

Just checking it out, the layering in the flat white was quite flat, but not unreasonably so given this drink is what it ( a flat white) traditionally was. A drink with just a little foam sitting atop an brown white milk combo. No created art/ pattern had been done to by coffee, and instead what I got whatever nature allowed.

The aroma from the coffee was quite fruity sweet and had a full bold smell to it (very much an Italian style roast). Just checking my notes from my long black I had, had here previously there is a simular sort of smell to both (long black the berry flavour was more pounced.

Tasting it, the milk drink was a very much a front of mouth experience. You can certainly taste that berry flavours running though the drink, along with those dark bold Italian roasting styles. Reflecting back to my previous long black, it seems I had a similar experience then. Although without milk the sweet berry flavour is more pronounced and you may get a bit of a coca undertone.

When left sitting the drink develops a bit more of a sour note to it, that boldness which is reasonably manageable early on, due to the sweet berry flavour, surpasses it due to a combination with the milk and it becomes less pleasant to sip on (this did not happen so much with the long black, so I’m thinking it’s a slow ration with the milk).

Overall, while I don’t love the place, it’s not a bad café to stop out (if you don’t mind children). The location is hard to beat, it’s open at night and there is plenty of seating (inside and outside) although both have their problems. The staff here seem to be constantly off their feet and so a little hostile to the customer but then again so would I if I were faced with this verity of demanding customers.

1. Coffee score
Style (look and presentation): 5/10
Experience (taste and feel): 5/10 (long black was a 6, flat white for which I was scoring this was a 5)
Coffee total: 10/20

2. Cafe score
Style (what’s it feel like): Fine European street cafe meets children’s playground
Cool?: 5/10
Service: 5/10
Cafe: 10/20

Whole experience (coffee + cafe): 20/40

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2 thoughts on “Jet Bar Caffe

  1. Hi Anonymous,
    There is certainly nothing wrong with Jet, I just do not find it outstanding or bad in anyway. You can see it got a 10 score for coffee (average what you want to expect) and 20 for cafe (average again).

    If you're interested in trying some other places near by which I have reviewed try Vella Nero and Workshop (more or less across the road from QVB in opposite directions. This blog, like any food or coffee blog which aims to review great numbers of places, will always strongly be subjective. There is nothing wrong loving a place I think is average, we all have different tastes after all.


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