Coffee: 15/20

Whole experience (cafe + coffee): 29/40

A rare sunny weekend morning brings me to Barmuda on Australia Street, right near Black Star Bakery – if street names are not your thing.

Barmuda is a café I think in my head and on paper, I have reviewed about 5 times, however, I have no idea why it has just never gotten up onto the blog. I do simply love the place and would class it as one of my weekend morning go-tos’. Nerd two may also play a role in this, as this would be, one of her favourite cafes in Sydney.

Sunday: Nerd 2 and myself arrive at about 11am, and the place is simply pumping. Staff flying everywhere, people eyeing off street side tables, prams wheeling all over the place. Barmuda is always crowed and popular, however don’t get intimidated by this activity – walk inside and ask if any tables up stairs are free.

Upstairs is a world away it’s a quiet area, far more fitting for any hangovers one may have picked up the night previously. However, a warning here, service can be questionable well away from the action, so keep this in mind.

We scored a window seat in the corner and nerd 2 instantly pick up her book, where as I became a bit  (more) of a loser and pulled out my laptop.  

Just looking around it’s easy to spot the café regular. Newtowners – couples and singles, old and young. This is not so much the tourist (non-locals) café but more the regular weekend kitchen. This is always a good sign.  

The staff today were super efficient and upon sitting down only moments later we were asked what coffee we were looking for. I made my order and a flat white was soon on its way. This great service, I should point out, may not always be the case for you when you come here. But for consistency’s sake and living in the moment I will score this one on the amazing staff effort today – so yay Barmuda!

With the coffee’s arrival, I had to make my difficult breakfast selection. After much debate and angst I ordered an amazing sounding omelette, with chorizo, olives, tomato and so on. The Planet Newtown breakfast however is a must for the virgin Barmuder, which must be one of Sydney’s better big breakfasts. Nerd two went for a roasted pumpkin salad thing, which was also very tasty (I stole bits of her meal as we ate, so can confirm this).

So onto the coffee. The coffee here is quite pleasant in it’s aroma, it’s rich, sweet and delicate with a bit of a medium kick. The smell has this interesting berry sweatiness to it, which to my nose is not something I can readily put my finger on.

Presentation wise, some effort went into its creation, it’s a good-looking coffee. Heat wise, I don’t mind a drinkable on arrival coffee, however I know some may feel the heat in the coffee a little lacking. In saying that though their long black (which I ordered later) is presented beautifully, with a most white crema and heat, well it’s hard to stuff up hot water.

Taste wise the coffee flavours are dominated by cocoa (almost to a dark chocolate) and slight earthiness. This earthiness often seems to hit after the fact and not with any consistency, however this does give it some charm. Having had a few coffees here I would recommend that whist flat whites or lattes are often a drink of choice to many. I find often the delicate flavours thrive in the long black.

When letting it cool, that nice sweet fruity dark chocolate flavour really starts to come into command, that earthiness just melts away. The drink I think tastes like dark chocolate mixed with watermelon, funky!

Overall, Barmuda has been consistent in Newtown, whist it has gone though a plethora of owners and staff, its consistency, charm and style have as of yet not gone out of fashion. Its street like presence, charming staff and community feel draw in many a person. And whilst may of you may have some issues with the coffee, whether that be it is a little too cool on arrival, to delicate and not as consistent sip by sip. I actually quite love its almost sporadic nature and delicate charm.

1. Coffee score
Style (look and feel): 8/10
Experience (taste and smell): 7/10
Coffee total: 15/20

2. Cafe score 
Style (what’s it feel like): local hang out
Cool?: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Cafe: 14/20
Whole experience (coffee + cafe): 29/40

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