Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney’s ten hottest new cafes

Taken from the Sydney Morning Herald Online on the 22/06, the Good Cafe Guide is in its second year and here is the best summary of the winners.

What do you think?

The 10 cafes you should be at right now.

The award for Best Boutique Roaster, presented by Latorre & Dutch coffee traders, is for a specialty roaster that brings integrity to each stage of the process, from sourcing to blending to roasting.
Winner: Mecca Espresso in Ultimo.

The award for Best Coffee is for commitment to quality, from the bean to the cup.
Winner: Coffee Alchemy, Marrickville.

The award for the Best (new) Brew Bar is for  a place to bond with bean-mad baristas over Japanese siphon, filter, pour-over and cold-drip.
Winner: Don Campos in Alexandria.

The Best Barista award, is for someone quietly obsessed with every detail, and goes to someone at another great 
pioneering new-brew bar:
Winner: Shoji Sasa from Single Origin Roaster’s Sideshow, in Surry Hills.

The award for Best Small Café is for doing an awful lot with a little..
Winner: Room 10 in Potts Point.

The award for Best Food Café, is all about raising the bar on food offerings and going beyond the banana bread and egg and bacon roll.
Winner: Three Blue Ducks in Bronte

We instituted a new award this year called the Local Hero Award, where we single out a cafe that brings something special to its community and local area:
Winner: Cornersmith, in Marrickville

This year we also instituted a Hall of Fame, because we love our golden oldies as much as we love our ruby newbies. The inaugural Hall of Famer holds all our hearts in its hand, with its love of Italian football, coffee, conversation and community… it’s the oldest café in Norton Street Leichhardt…
Winner: Bar Sport

The award for Best New Café goes to… the chooks! A huge multi-tasking factory, café, garden baker and coffee roaster complete with playground, pizza bar and chicken run.
Winner: The Grounds of Alexandria.

The final award, for the Eftpos Best Café Award for 2012, goes to a specialty coffee roaster and café with great synergy between the bean and the cup – even the menu is inspired by the countries the beans come from.
Winner: Reuben Hills.

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