Ju Ju Espresso – City

Coffee: 17/20
Whole experience (cafe + coffee): 31/40
Bean: Di Gabriel (Espresso 101)

An early client meeting finds me after a faster than expected walk from Darlinghurst at Circular Quay with a spare 20 minutes to grab a coffee.

From someone who is not a city worker, I’ve been surprised at the quality of coffee at Circular Quay, oh St Leonard’s you’ll get there one day.

Anyway. Ju Ju on the corner of Macquarie Place looked, by the stream of people like a good call, so I went in. In entering I walked past the silent coffee take away ordering persons, otherwise known as morning zombie crowd and ordered a latte. There was little pressure on seats inside and out. And staff seemed surprised when I said to have here.

Coffee was brought over by the no nonsense barista who, by the look of the speed and consistency of coffee he was pumping out, has got a real talent for this gig. The coffee itself had a slick and simple presentation to it, with a delicate latte art balanced against a black saucer, it all matched the look and sound of the place.

The blend being served up is a house blend, roasted by Di Gabriel coffee roasters – Ju Ju have named Espresso 101.

The aroma was smoky with hints of nuttiness resonating partly from its roasting, a slightly darker roast than many current popular roasts floating about.

The flavour initially carried the aroma’s flavour through – it was quite smoky to start and then followed through with that nutty flavour. There were hints of something sweeter, not sure what.

Having let it sit, the coffee took on more of toffee nuttiness with a hint of acidity with the roasting smokiness taking a back seat. It was quite a pleasant drink and far more your traditional flavour set.

Overall, the coffee shop is a killer of a place. A great barista, well presented speedy coffee and a strong set of flavours, breaking the traditional beans. If you’re heading to your office it’s worth coming in a little early sitting down and taking in this quality outfit.

1. Coffee score
Style (look and feel): 8/10
Experience (taste and smell): 9/10
Coffee total: 17/20

2. Cafe score
Style (what’s it feel like): a modern take on an espresso bar.
Cool?: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Cafe: 14/20
Whole experience (coffee + cafe): 31/40

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