Bowery to Williamsburg (Melbourne)

Melbourne Visit: Part 1

Nerd’s I have a confession, I went to Melbourne in winter this year and had some amazing coffee and café experiences. Sorry I’ve been so slack.

While I don’t write much about other cities I thought I’d put up some from our Southern city.

Bowery to Williamsburg

Coffee: 18/20
Whole experience (cafe + coffee): 35/40

I hate to say it as a Sydneysider, but this café is ace.

Found as down an alleyway, predictably next to some dumpsters, this café gem was my first pit stop in Melbourne.

Walk up and grab a seat, I was there in winter so a seat outside (like what I did) had a heater welcomingly near it. I’d not recommend the seats without one in winter (in summer the city is ridiculously hot so clearly don’t sit near a heater then…).

The café is part of the American food revolution that is taking over all cafes. Therefore, I went for a latte and some ridiculously amazing sounding fatty, Australian sculpted, bagel.

The latte came out to me pretty quickly and was served with a (Hershey’s) Kiss,. You’ll see the latte art was also killer.

Aroma wise, the smell of the coffee was quite mild with some soft sweet milk flavours wafting through my nose.

Taste wise it was divine, the soft notes of caramel and something else milky sweet cut, mixed with some gentle smokiness from the roast cut through the milk very well. It was anything but overpowering, and went super well with the Hershey Kiss.

Let it sit and let it cool with the air around you (or if its summer the super hot air around you). The coffee becomes something akin to a desert, with the caramel taking control, for the love of god don’t add sugar.

Overall, goddamn this place is cool. I really rate it and hate thinking of a café up with Brewtown Newtown, but it totally is. The staff are friendly and will likely find a way to squish you in. The inside of the café (which I’ve not talked about) has a great subway theme to it. And the coffee is unlikely anything I’ve come across in Sydney. Bowery and Padre (the roaster) I take my hat off to you sirs.

Ps. If you’re wondering I believe the blend I tried was called Daddy’s Girl espresso blend. When will it be in Sydney?

1. Coffee score
Style (look and feel): 9/10
Experience (taste and smell): 9/10
Coffee total: 18/20

2. Cafe score
Style (what’s it feel like): American subway
Cool?: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Cafe: 17/20
Whole experience (coffee + cafe): 35/40

Bowery to Williamsburg on Urbanspoon

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