Artificer Specialty Coffee Bar & Roastery (Surry HIlls)

Coffee: 19.5/20
Whole experience (cafe + coffee): 35/40

Ready to feel unfashionable for the sake of an amazing coffee? Me too.

This Saturday found me walking down Bourke Street with some vague instructions from a mate to look for the coffee shop/roaster whose name starts with an A.

Artificer (it turns out) found on the corner of Bourke and Phelps streets was my destination.

Surry Hills’ answer to Coffee Alchemy of Marrickville, Artificer is your no food, no tea and no additional shit kind of café, sorry cronuts fans. Where Alchemy feels like a warehouse Artificer feels like an expensive Swedish homewares showroom… Come in, line up and almost instantly feel awkward when trying to balancing a coffee.

The café was pleasantly not mental like the rest of Surry Hills at 10am on a Saturday, so I was able to order a piccolo and grabbed a seat along the window in one smooth amazing move.

While you wait for your coffee I challenge you to not feel uncool in Artificer. My fellow patrons were just at a different level to me. Old couples were wheeling and dealing in the East Sydney property market, perfectly dressed and cashed up. Younger guys and girls reading poetry. And people outside were talking about the pros and cons of designer cats. I recommend gazing lovingly at the Synesso machine.

The good news is service is fast and friendly and the barista was open to a quick chat, which distracted me from my inadequate chat about property, poetry and cats.

The first thing you’ll notice about your coffee is the weight of the espresso mugs. Maybe I was just having an odd morning, but in my notes to myself I underlined how much I loved the weight of the cup… there you go.

After you calm down like me about the weight of a cup. You’ll see how well it was presented. Judge it for yourself, but I reckon the drink looked ace.

The piccolo was both fruity and floral(ish) with something a little spicy to it, a nice level of acidity was there too. I found the drink to be very creamy. I was told after the fact that they use some sort of jersey milk. Nice touch. Look, like most of these extreme coffee shops the coffee will be divine, but very far from the cocoa flavours you may have come to recognise from Sydney roasters.

From my understanding the roasts change often here, but if you end up with a different bean, don’t stress I’m sure it’ll be just as ace.

Overall, it’s the best coffee I’ve had in Surry Hills over the last year and equal if not better than Sample. Just come here, feel inadequate and enjoy the experience (and yes, that is possible in the world of coffee).

1. Coffee score
Style (look and feel): 10/10
Experience (taste and smell): 9.5/10
Coffee total: 19.5/20

2. Cafe score
Style (what’s it feel like):
Cool?: 9/10
Service: 6.5/10
Cafe: 15.5/20
Whole experience (coffee + cafe): 35/40

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