How I score

This is totally subjective, I know it.


SMH good coffee guide is a nice place to get idea of how to score. I care less about food then they do, and more about the coffee and the experience (which can include food). I know some of you, like me, can be all about the coffee (who cares what the experience is like), so two different scores are graded and then totaled. Coffee out of 20, experience out of 40. If you’re super smart you could work out the cafe score, but I don’t list it by itself.

coffee experience out of 20


Thinking about the aroma, temperature, crema, acidity of the drink, flavour balance (acid vs base), mouthy feel, body and aftertaste. (out of 10)

style – because looks matter:

Commitment to bean, do they grind to order, the look, the cup it comes in, is there consistency if two drinks are ordered. (out of 10)

cafe experience out of 20

The feel (style):

Personal score here, but it’s the vibe and how well they pull it off. If you’re Starbucks, be Starbucks and do it well. From this comes the whole look and feel of the place I like weird places more then Starbucks so they should rate better, but that’s not to say if there is an amazing chain I will not love it. (out of 10)

Service it matters:

Far too long do some cafes trade on quality of product, but then will treat you like crap. (out of 10)

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