Best coffee in the Surry Hills area

Hi nerds, to help the coffee needy folk of the inner east (Darlinghurst, Surry Hills & Potts Point), I’m growing a list of good coffee spots in the area. Send me a line if you have any suggestions, @syd_coffee_nerd

Potts Point

Gypsy Espresso: 17/20

Coffee Tea & Me: 16/20

Marcelle on Macleay: 15/20

Fratelli Paradiso: 13/20

Surry Hills

Sample Coffee: 18/20

Le Monde Cafe: 17/20

The Book Kitchen: 16/20

Gnome Espresso and Wine Bar: 16/20

Reuben Hills: 16/20

Venus Cafe: 16/20

Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore: 15/20

Brooklyn Hide: 15/20


Edition Coffee Roasters: 18/20

Joe Black: 17/20

Stop Valve Espresso: 17/20

The Commons: 15/20

Fragrance Coffee Lab: 15/20

Toto Champagne & Wine bar: 14/20